The ISEA board of directors are volunteers who represent the diverse range of informal science institutions through out Texas. From museums, zoos, aquariums, botanic gardens, parks service, nonprofits, and academia, the board includes folks from all stages in their careers. As part of their service, the ISEA board coordinates the annual ISEA conference, the organization’s presence at CAST, and ongoing efforts to network with and connect informal science educators across the state. ISEA recruits new board members each year immediately following the conference in February.

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Serious fun…

"I attended my first ISEA Conference in 2010. Before that, I didn’t realize that Informal Science Education was a distinct career or industry. I met people who wanted to watch the space shuttle launch, who had rescued foxes in their cabins, and who were exceptional examples of being life-long learners. I am honored to support my fellow ISE professionals through service on the ISEA board."

— Emily Weerts, ISEA Board Member


2019-2020 ISEA Board of Directors